Depression: Causes and Treatment Guide

Depression is the severe mood disorder that cuts off the mood from society. It affects the brain and mental health and causes different diseases. In this 21st century every single man is disturbed and depressed.  

What Is Depression?

Depression is the name of persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It affects the feelings and thoughts. It let people to feel only negative thoughts.   

Depressed person faces unluckily bad activities. It is a feeling of sadness or a type of mental illness that promotes unhappiness for a person.  


Symptoms Of Depression

Depressed person faces many other negativities like he feels discouraged in front of others. Nowadays every single person is depressed.   

In this busy life he faces many of the problems which make him depressed. Depression never lasts at the single age; it affects the person at every age and with different ways.   


The reason for depression could be different but the way of act of every person is the same. Depressed person could show himself happy but he is having sadness inside. He feels pain and he doesn’t like anything in society either it is a good one for others.   

He cut off his mood from daily activities but not every act of cutting off mood is depression. It is the name of its severe condition as well as it is the ongoing problem. It cannot stop until the reason for it could not be resolved. According to WHO it is the main cause of mental disability.   

In some situations weight gain is also responsible to depress a person. Depressed person likes sleeping overtime. Always feels loss of energy and feels guilty every time.

In Women


Depression is twice in females as compared to males. Women are more affected by this phenomenon.  

They feel anxiety and fatigue. They always dwell on negative thoughts. Some major types which are unique in females are as follows

  • Postpartum depression
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

Postpartum Depression

Some new moms which birth a new baby face this type of depression which always arise after childbirth. Mom faces emotional changes in her behavior. She feels so much depressed which becomes the reason of dropping the hormone (estrogen, progesterone) level in the body.   


The mother feels lack of sleep, decreased amount of libido, and frequent mood changes. Before now there was not a single cure of it but now it can be treated with medication and counselling.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

It is also a symptoms of severe depression, irritability and tension before menstruation. Its cause yet not be found but it effect the amygdala and hippocampus which produces some hormones.


In this disorder women faces anxiety, severe depressed, thyroid disorder, being overweight, seasonal affective disorder and lack of exercise.

In Men


Depression effects less to males as compared to females. Males feel depressed only when they are facing the activities which are against their thoughts.

Depressed males faces different symptoms such as working without break, having difficulties of taking family responsibilities and avoiding social matters etc.

Diseases Related to Depression

There are many of the disease which are the result of depression. Some of them are as follows:


Major cause of hypertension is high level of cholesterol in blood. But in some cases it is caused with depression.


It can leads to the hardness of arteries and veins. And the blood flow become harder to pass through them which affects your brain. Which become the result of hypertension and in severe cases it leads to Heart attack.



Serious Depression affects the release of insulin from Beta cells and the blood glucose level rises which then cause diabetes.

Weight Gaining


In some cases mostly in males severe depression stimulates the release of fatty acids. Which then become stored in abdomen walls and results into weight gaining and here many other diseases affects the persons.

Treatment Of Depression

Depression is treatable by many mediums some of them are below.


This can range from discussing the matters and searching for practical solutions


Also known as talking therapy, some options include one to one counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Drug treatment

In severe situation a doctor may prescribe antidepressants.


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