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Everyone must have heard the phrase “Confidence is the key”. There are various factors that can have a strong influence on the confidence level of a person. Beauty of the hair is of equal importance for both men and women. As a person grows older, hair becomes thinner, growth of hair is reduced and hair fall begins. Hair loss is a problem which we all have to face, eventually.

However, some people suffer from thinning of hair and hair loss problem in their early lives. Hair loss can be caused by various factors like aging, hormonal issues, genetics, health issues and clinical treatments. Consequently, hair thinning following hair loss begins. Also, Bald patches appear which require immediate attention. All these things can be so stressful. In such a situation, there’s a need of a treatment that can reverse this problem and give you strong, lusciously thick and long hair. Folexin can be an answer to this problem.

What is Folexin?

Folexin is an advanced hair growth formula for both men and women. It is specially made to enhance hair growth. It is medically recommended supplement to combat baldness and hair loss. Vita Balance Inc. is the company that makes Folexin supplements. It is an effective product for hair growth without causing any kind of damage or issue. It supports healthy hair growth, it’s nutrient rich and provides natural nourishment through its natural ingredients. Initially it was recommended for men which were facing baldness patterns but women can also take equal benefits from it. It is most effective hair loss treatment. In order to understand how folexin works you have to consider some other things as well.

Natural Hair Growth Cycle:


To understand the functioning of Folexin, one has to understand the natural follicular growth. It consists of three phases. Theses phases are

  • Anagen            
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

Understanding the natural life cycle of hair follicles, it is essential to understand what happens at each and every stage.


It is the first stage of follicle’s life cycle, also referred to as “growth stage”. It is a long phase usually consisting of 2-6 years. This stage also varies ethnically it means length of this cycle will be different for Asians and Americans.


The second stage is called as Catagen or Transition phase. It is a relatively shorter phase as compared to other two. The original hair enters into a transition phase and make room for a new hair follicle. It usually spans for 1 or 2 weeks.


In the third stage called Telogen the hair follicle enters into a stationary phase that’s why it is also called as stationary stage. In this phase the hair left the follicle and fall out. The follicle then rests for 3 months before it enters into a new cycle.

It’s to be noted here that hair follicles are independent. So, the timing of follicular growth cycle of each hair follicle is different.

Causes of hair loss:

There’s no need to worry if you are losing a few hairs strands every day because that is completely normal. Such a person does not need any kind of supplements for their hair as it is okay to lose approximately 100 strands of hair a day. A person can lose hair due to many reasons. A few of them are mentioned here.


Alopecia: It is an autoimmune disease resulting in patches of baldness. It makes hair strands thin and destroy hair follicles.

Hereditary: Hair loss can also be because of the genetics of a person. It includes male and female pattern baldness. It is the most common problem affecting millions of people every year.

Medication: Use of certain kinds of medicines specially that combat heart diseases, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression, hormonal issues, arthritis and cancer may cause hair loss.

Cancer therapies: Anti-cancer therapies such as Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy causes rapid hair loss.

Use of chemicals on hair: Hair products such as dyes, shampoos, oils and conditioners contain such chemicals which are highly damaging for the scalp and a leading cause of hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss may include:

  • Stress
  • Hairstyles
  • Excessive dyeing
  • Dandruff
  • Hair straightening or curling
  • Aging
  • Radiations from sun
  • Environmental changes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Damages due to high chlorinated water

Coping up with hair loss:

Next step to this issue is to look for the methods that can be utilized to reduce or to stop hair loss. Apparently, there are three main methods to cope up with the issue: Hair transplant Surgery, Laser therapy and Hair growth supplements. The first two methods are quite expensive and are not a one time procedure. On the other hand, hair growth supplements could do the work for you. But it must be made clear that these supplements will not work like a magic potion and give you hair like Fairies. These are supplements that promote hair growth in your hair follicles so it needs time and consistency in use to give good and desired results. Folexin is one of such products that can give you proven results

Ingredients of Folexin:

Folexin is made from such ingredients that completely natural and each and every ingredient has a role in promotion of hair growth. It includes the following main components:



Biotin is important for healthy hair. It is also called as Vitamin B7 and is the most important ingredient of Folexin. Biotin is a member of vitamin B complex and is water soluble. Deficiency of Biotin cause thinning of hair. For the hair fall to stop biotin is highly needed.


Next important ingredient of Folexin is Fo-Ti which is a Chinese herb. It enhances the blood circulation of head scalp and make hair strong. In addition to that it can also help to fight grey hair.

Horsetail Extract:

Horsetail is a plant. Its extracts are used in making of Folexin. Horsetail extracts strengthen hair and give shine to them because of its two important chemical elements i.e Silica and Selenium.

Bamboo Extract:

Folexin contains Bamboo extracts. It is a great source of various antioxidants. These extracts help in protecting hair from damages caused by oxidation. It also locked the moisture content of the hair and make hair shiny.

Nettle Root:

It is observed that high production of Dihydrotestosterone also resulted in hair loss. Nettle root being an active ingredient of Folexin prevent the production of DHT to avoid hair loss.

Other active ingredients of Folexin include:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D3
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Spirulina
  • Saw palmetto
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Peony
  • Barley Grass
  • PABA
  • Alfalfa
  • Manganese Chelate
  • Potassium gluconate

How Folexin Works:

Folexin is specially formulated to promote hair growth. Hair are produced by hair follicles which are found in upper layers of the skin. If follicles are disturbed due to any cause then the normal hair growth can be disturbed. The hair produced might be thin or weak at base therefore resulting in hair loss. Folexin pills promote hair growth by improving the nutrition supply to the hair follicles so that they produce healthy hair.

Folexin is formulated after thoroughly considering the hair growth cycle. If the body is in stress, nearly 70% of the total hair follicles can enter prematurely into Telogen phase. This dietary supplement made anagen and telogen phase lengthy so that a person got thick and longer hair. All of its natural ingredients help to restore the deficiency of many essential nutrients important for hair growth like Biotin and silica. Its ingredients are proven to give excellent results.

Benefits of Folexin:

With its natural ingredients, use of Folexin is completely harmless. It offers a lot of benefits when it comes to hair health. Predominantly its benefits include:

  • Due to Biotin, Folexin can add a great deal to your hair by making them strong, thicker and fuller. Due to the deficiency of biotin hair starts becoming thin. Folexin restore this deficiency.
  • Folexin works purely natural without disrupting any of body’s biologically cycles.
  • It treats dry, rough and thin hair and provide them elasticity.
  • It prolongs the Anagen and Telogen phases of hair growth cycle and make hair thick and shiny.
  • It helps in improving the overall health and texture of the hair. Folexin is a rich source of all the essential nutrients required for healthy hair
  • In addition of enhancing the hair growth it also increased the blood supply to the scalp and reduce dryness of skin.
  • Whenever the hair is strengthened from the base it also reduced the chances of baldness and tackle the problem even before appearance.

Any Side Effects:


It’s already mentioned earlier that Folexin is composed of natural ingredients so it is not questionable that it has side effects. It’s completely harmless to use and equally beneficial for men and women of all ages. This supplement does not contain anything that’s is unsuitable for human consumption.

People reactions towards Folexin:

Statements of users clearly view that the Folexin has positive results. Overall the reactions of the people are quite good.


Where to Buy Folexin:

Folexin can be purchased directly from here. The company behind this supplement has accumulated a great wealth of knowledge through research. It’s completely safe to purchase Folexin from this source and there’s no fear of any kind of scam.

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